Kuwabara, having fallen in love with her from the video explaining the mission, was able to establish a psychic link with Yukina to tell her that they were there to save her; however, she told him to run as he would die.Taken by Tarukane to his underground arena to see them die at the hands of the Toguros, Yukina was relieved when Kuwabara and Yusukue survived.

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Yukina is the only main character (aside from Kuwabara's sister) who refers to him by his given name, Kazuma.

Yukina also appears very curious about the identity of her brother and is determined to find him, though in the end she never finds out who he is. The most well known (and tragic) example of this is when Elder Toguro constricts and kills two birds in his hand, resulting in her breaking into tears.

Her long hair is now braided, and she wears a pink dress with a brown cardigan sweater.

Yukina, unlike her family of female ice apparitions, is very kind-hearted and polite, although a bit naive.

Tarukane tried to flee, but was scared into submission by Hiei.

Yukina wondered who this stranger was, but got no answer.

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Because of her upbringing, she is largely oblivious to Kuwabara's romantic feelings towards her for most of the series, finding his flirting to be humorous.