Funny thing is, I had trouble not adding some things, so it's about the size of a five chapter story, but I wanted it to be a one-shot, so here's the story in its entirety.

Origin of the story is at the bottom so I don't give anything way too soon. The title is a play on words of a certain soft-drink slogan.

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"Professor, may I see the paper with my name on it? Looking closer, he noticed that the left and bottom edges were not as straight as the top and right edges.

"This does look like my writing, but I did not write this for the Goblet...""Oh please, Potter, save your pathetic excuses," Snape sneered. After a few seconds for him to calm down, she asked, "Now, why do you think it was not your entry if it's in your handwriting?

Still, the Slytherin side of him wondered if he could use this situation to his advantage somehow. When the red-haired man looked up, he said, "Hello, Harry.

I hope no one minds that we got the Dursley's fireplace hooked up to the Floo network temporarily, but this did seem like the best way to get to you without too many people being the wiser." Harry grinned as he shook the man's hand.

He thought it was pretty nice for the Puffs to get some recognition and Cedric seemed like a nice enough person, from what little Harry knew about the seventh year.

After all, Cedric was a Seeker, so he could not be too bad."Harry Potter."Harry could hardly believe what he was hearing.In fact, he was hardly even aware that Hermione had helped him out of his seat and had pushed him to the front of the room, where the Headmaster had continued his trek with a push towards the trophy room.Harry could not remember any time Peeves had been serious about anything; he was always quite "mad". Just a few more minutes and then he should be able to leave this forsaken house and his so-called relatives.What was really irksome, and had been weighing on his mind, was that he really should not even be here.""Your name on the paper in your own hand indicates your willingness," Dumbledore told him with what sounded like a tired voice.