Depending on whether you like FPS or MMO, these are both great choices accordingly.

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really hope people appreciate their efforts and pray they keep it free. Currently I believe it's in its beta stages and will eventually be a Pay to Play.

E (Rush On Seven Episodes) is a free MMORPG for now I guess.

you can also get a free online RPG there called Well of Souls, and a free program called Arcadia which is like a virtual town (with 2d sprites to represent players) and you get 'toys' which you download to play games with people like Spades, Chess, a C&C style game, a Simcity style game, etc... well, just want to post this one, you probably has this one somewhere, but it's a html based rpg that is based on Harry Potter, yeah, i was skeptical at first but i probably spent the better part of this week playing.

It's at you should check it out if you're a jk rowling fan. It's a high rate server, I like that I tried playing on other servers, but after downloading like 2 GB of files and updating for hours, it didn't work Does anyone know a decent high-rate server for RO?

guys don't know how lucky i feel right now to have joined this forum...first it was for the web hosting..woh..guys have posted a lot of free online gaming sites...some/most i didn't know existed...i have visited all the sites and i am having trouble figuring out which ones i should actually join and those i shouldn't join..just some have better game play graphics some have better load times..some just have better plot lines but game play mode isn't as appealing as those with less entertaining plot lines...i won't list the games case someone gets offended...

i'll post in this topic again when i join one of the games listed here or when i find one that hasn't been listed yet..Two of my favorites that are free Grimoire - A text based MMORPG with such a great community it's had me hooked for nearly a year.

Clans from Switzerland, Germany, England, all over North America. It is very close to Wo W level and is totally free!

You can play it at a casual level and enjoy the good graphic, good weapons, and easy-to-lear gameplay or you cant step it up a notch and play in competitive leagues and ladders. It is the second most played MMO everyday behind Wo W alone.

The graphics look quite bad but apparently it is in it's BETA stages! Go to the download topic and download Build Demo v.2.

Its a stand alone executable, so you dont even have to save it. If you have any comments or questions dont hesitate to pm me.

during summer i played gunz online 6 hours a day, i was obsessed a really great game then school started and i had to cut back on playing later on i started playing america's online because i joined a friend's clan and played that for some time, but got kinda sick of it so stopped playing (and the clan doesn't exist anymore so 1 reason less to keep playing ) but that's about all i've played online i was always more of a single player type myself Man, I have an ultra-slow computer when it comes to games. Kingdom of Loathing is an odd game, but I play it since they have a great community in chat. If I invite you and you put in a confirmation code, we both get free items. It can be very nice because players are moving, fighing, chating and playing on a big image, like a jpeg, soo it's could be very very beautiful if the grafics guy does a nice job.