I definitely saw gay tube porn evolve over that period, because although the adult industry was at first resistant to its growing popularity, it did in the long run learn to embrace it.

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Being a shy guy, I was still lacking a more interactive man-on-man experience – well, I mean, between real-life dating and random hookups in the actual flesh.

So discovering the world of gay cams really allowed me to explore my options in a safe, easygoing environment.

One night after striking out at picking up chicks, we ended up hooking up with each other, because we were both horny and a little drunk.

I think that's why I’m into gay-for-pay porn to this very day, like the kind you’d find on Broke Straight Boys - all because of straight man Dan's willingness to experiment. I could’ve died when he caught me masturbating into a pair of his dirty boxer briefs, like I had a fetish for his underwear.

So that’s what’s on my “gay agenda” these days - adding even more gay porn reviews to my site.

And the promise of even more to come is the perfect way to end the story of the evolution of me and this site!

Even though I loved gay hardcore, I was still so much in the closet that when I ended up moving back home with my parents after college I still needed to keep my love man-on-man action on the down-low.

And I was too paranoid to use my laptop in case my mom got a little too nosey, so I watched a lot of gay tube porn in the basement bathroom.

I chose to ignore that this hot jock porn was actually making my cock grow fatter.