There is a collection box for the local mosque in a corner of the lobby, and the hotel's mission statement is fastened to an adjacent wall, making it clear this is a "halal hotel".

Especially striking is the collection of Hindu, Buddhist and Chinese statues.

The term “Babah” refers to the time when Dutch-influenced Javanese women married Chinese settlers.

Governor Anies Baswedan came to power thanks to the support of conservative Muslims, and he quickly fulfilled his campaign promise to close the Hotel Alexis.

The management of Alexis denied they were running a brothel.

Chances are there will be some sort of activity going on as you stroll through. If not, you might find nets strung up on the grass for games of volleyball or badminton.

Take a ride Hop on a commuter train to Gambir Station (15), the city’s main railway hub on the east side of Merdeka Square, to reach Jakarta’s two wonders of sacred architecture.Sharia is the Islamic religious code that mandates — among other things — modest clothing and behaviour.In Indonesia's Aceh province, offences against Sharia, such as sex before marriage or gay sex, are punishable with jail and public caning.The street is lined with terracotta-tiled houses including one where a young Barack Obama lived with his mother and stepfather after they moved to Jakarta in 1967.Round the corner is his old school, Sekolah Dasar Negeri Menteng (12); outside, a cute statue of “Barry” (as he was known) stands atop a plinth where an inscription quotes the President’s proclamation: “The future belongs to those who believe in the power of their dreams.” A walk in the park Part paved, part grassy expanse, Merdeka Square (13) is the city centre.The hotel's gym has a strict dress code — for women. When the ABC visited, the hotel was hosting an event by the newly launched Sharia Monitoring Board.