He also accepted flights on a private Bombardier BD-700 Global Express jet operated by Rwanda’s bloodthirsty dictator Paul Kagame.

Blair is paid £500,000 a year by Zurich Insurance to act as an adviser on global warming.

In November, Amnesty International said police in the violence-hit state were carrying out revenge assassination attacks on members of bloody crime gangs who killed 90 officers.

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lack of utter brokenness that I miss, that I know I can never regain with my husband, and that makes me so sad. I have gained a new respect for him because of these years of hard work.

How else should we view the inexorable rise of his shadowy and quasi-political network of businesses, whose tentacles stretch from his smart offices next to the American Embassy in London into every corner of the globe?

The former PM’s deal to promote the former Soviet outpost of Kazakhstan and advise it on good governance is said to be worth up to £16 million.

Last April, he made a propaganda video praising the oil-rich state’s progress and ‘extraordinary economic potential’.

He persuaded Britain’s Advisory Committee on Business Appointments, which vets the jobs of former ministers, to keep details of this deal secret for nearly two years, claiming it was commercially sensitive.

When it was finally revealed in 2010, he was accused by MPs of cashing in on his contacts from the controversial Iraq war — UI Energy is one of the biggest investors in Iraq’s oil-rich Kurdistan region, which opened up to international companies after the fall of Saddam Hussein.

Blair won’t say how much he is earning from the tie-up — and his large team of spin doctors routinely deny almost any figures relating to his myriad international deals — but we can be sure it’ll run into millions.

At the centre of this nexus of money and power is 60-year-old Blair himself, who is guaranteed a warm welcome — befitting an international statesman of the highest rank — when he is feted by some of the world’s most dirty and corrupt tin-pot leaders.

As a result, thousands of babies were named ‘Tonibler’ in his honour.