By definition and in contrast to ball bearings, needle bearings are used for lower rotational speeds.The i Cam’s self-lubricating tire, requiring no external lubrication, also contributes to higher achievable linear speeds.Advantages and savings: Do not need lubrication Precision fit bearings installed in the i Cams are lubricated for life.

The central lubrication systems can be shut off or, in new designs, eliminated entirely offering substantial savings in material (grease, hardware, s impler design) and labor (maintenance).

Do not damage or wear out the rail Metal cam followers can damage a rail, especially when the rail is made from Aluminum. For example when the cam follower’s needle bearing is over greased and the load is not high enough to overcome the internal friction, the outer raiser may not turn, sliding instead on the rail (skitting), causing wear.

are constructed with a precision machined composite outer raiser/tire, with two, thermally installed, high quality roller bearings and a 303 Stainless Steel shaft.

All dimensions can be cross referenced to metal cam followers.

In fact, it absorbs energy and, when compared to a metal cam followers, it interrupts the magnification of noise born in the rail.

i Cam Followers reduce noise even when compared to other plastic tires.

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Higher friction needle bearings and metal outer raiser require more force to produce rolling motion in metal cam followers.