Then, in the evening, I'll frequently pipe a favorite flick to a small TV in our kitchen while I cook or clean dishes.

Then, after dinner and some light TV, most nights I'm ready to play.

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The nice thing about i Tunes Digital Copy downloads is that there is, in fact, a feeling of permanence.

Once redeemed, you "own" the downloaded files and can easily transfer them to digital devices on demand (well, as long as they're i OS-based).

Unfortunately, I seem to have recycled a few of these slips including the code for one of our favorite films, Cabin in the Woods.

I desperately want to add this to our Ultra Violet library (despite the movie being on Netflix Instant at the moment).

On top of that, I accidentally created multiple Flixster accounts, presumably when I clicked an offer for a free movie one day and it registered a new account using my Facebook credentials without my knowledge.

I only noticed when the UV copy of Life of Pi was mistakenly added to the wrong account.

Watching a movie, particularly one that you know well and quote often, can relax you and help get you ready to get your game on.

If you're like me, you also find it soothing to listen and half-watch a favorite flick while performing a repetitive work task.

The codes were generally only good for a year, but I thought this meant that the digital downloads themselves were time-bombed and would stop working after the date had passed.