Before I go into the Wilcock fulfillment of the Cayce prophecy, I felt it important to insert this chapter on the historical background of the Great Pyramid and Egyptian mythology, and to then evaluate how it interfaces with the information from Cayce and Rueckert, since the information presented is somewhat at odds with the traditional historical perspective of that period.To review, according to the combined information from the channelings of Rueckert and Cayce, Ra and Hermes built the pyramids by the "levitation of stone" 10,500 years ago.Sitchin took note of the fact that there were no hieroglyphics on the inner walls of the pyramids.

Egyptologist Sir Flinders Petrie described such phenomenal precision as "the finest opticians' work;" work of this calibre is beyond the capabilities of modern technology.

The casing stones show no tool marks and the corners are not even slightly chipped.

On March 2, 1999 Fox News presented a TV show exploring the mysteries of the Pyramid where Fadel Gad, an Egyptologist, conjectured: "Were the Egyptians thinking of UFOs at that time? A very sophisticated, highly intelligent species that had intercepted this planet Earth and had caused the evolution and the exploration of the human consciousness." "The Pyramid is an unrivaled feat of engineering and craftsmanship.

It is aligned with the four cardinal points more accurately than any contemporary structure, including the Meridian Building at Greenwich Observatory in London.

Conventional archeologists date the Great Pyramid by a series of painted red "quarry marks" that were found in passages above the King's Chamber.

Yet, these "quarry marks" were all written at the only appropriate angle for the arm of a person who had broken into these very narrow "relief chambers" in the same way that Col.This is the only direct reference in known recorded history to the existence of Atlantis.Also, according to an article by Robert Sheer, water marks were found on the sides of the Great Pyramid at a level 400 feet higher than the Nile river is today, and deposits of sea salt inside the Pyramid corroborate the theory that it and the Sphinx must have been built before the time of the melting of the last great Ice Age, about 12,000 years ago.The 350-foot-long descending passage is so straight that it deviates from a central axis by less than a quarter of an inch from side to side and only one tenth of an inch up and down -- comparable with the best laser-controlled drilling being done today.The casing stones, some of which weighed over 16 tons, are so perfectly shaped and squared that the mortar-filled joint between them is just one-fiftieth of an inch -- the thickness of a human nail.Historically, it is believed that the Great Pyramid was built in approximately 3000 BC, by the Egyptian Pharaoh Khufu.