Few modern filmmakers have inspired as fervid and polarized responses from moviegoers as Alejandro González Iñárritu.

The Mexican filmmaker’s films, including “21 Grams,” “Babel,” and “Biutiful,” have garnered myriad Academy Award nominations, including Best Director for Iñárritu (“Babel”) and Best Actor for Javier Bardem (“Biutiful”), but they’ve also drawn a certain strain of ire from critics who don’t enjoy the pessimistic themes that pervade all of Iñárritu’s films.

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“I also have dreams of Naomi being naked on stage,” Galifianakis said.

“Believe me, it’s not a nightmare.” “I went to go see John Houston’s movie of the James Joyce story ‘The Dead,’ ” Keaton said, “and there were these guys there who thought it was a horror movie.

When asked if he kept a Birdman costume for himself, Keaton proverbially face-palmed himself, saying, “Ugh, how stupid am I?

Now I need to go find one.” He also called himself “a dope” and “an idiot.” Iñárritu talked about how his ego fluctuates, going from swollen to desiccated, Keaton said, “I do that too.

Keaton at one point had to lie on a table because they couldn’t figure put any other way to fit the performers and the equipment in the room.

And once he was on the table, Ryan said, it was clear that he had to be on the table — that was the only place, metaphorically, that Keaton could be for that shot.After so much spicy food I wanted some dessert.” The filmmaker said he chose Raymond Carver to use for the play-within-the-film because “Carver has the capacity to go to the human heart.His characters are pathetic and complex and likable and human, and they’re longing for love.Although this work is freely licensed or in the public domain, the person(s) shown may have rights that legally restrict certain re-uses unless those depicted consent to such uses.In these cases, a model release or other evidence of consent could protect you from infringement claims.They kept calling it ‘The Fucking Dead,’ and I was watching them and waiting, they kept waiting for the gore, I guess, and after 20 minutes they left.” “Michael and I went to Comic-Con yesterday,” Norton said, “And it was like the biggest bait-and-switch in the history of Comic-Con.