I am not saying most people or men are saints I am just saying, whether I am wrong or not, that from my experience men don't really care about race, once they meet a woman they like and feel attracted to because men are stubborn and more romantic than you might think.

My turkish friend has a bulgarian girlfriend, he is muslim, she is a christian orthodox and he is going to marry her despite his parents want him to marry a muslim.

The way humans handle the affairs of love are deeply flawed and lacks reflection.

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It might be a bit off topic but I heard there is a way to check love compatibility by putting both charts on each other. I think the only thing that would not be right, will be her rising and some house placements. Knowing they would be perceived as weak if they present themselves as they are made them decide to play this stupid game. I feel like most of them act like a child who only want something when they can't have it. Thats why communiction and clarity are so important. At our 8 years of being together, I could not tolerate his bs anymore and start to check out emotionally. Does she not do anything good for you throughout the entire rs? I think Aqua and Gem can work wonderfully as long as both sides are able to talk with each other. Say what your problems are and how you both might be able to fix them. They need work, investment, sacrifice and talking, lots of talking.

I could post one of those to get a better picture of what might have been the problem between her and me. I've tried everything just to make it works but Aqua can never keep their promises. I need attention from my man because I'm gonna give him the same thing and if I ain't get that, I will no longer be the same. I wished but all of my experiences dealing with Aqua men sucks. We decided to call it quit at our 10th and then, when I have finally moved on, that's where he start to go cray and stalked on me and my ex Sag. :/ Depends on your definition of crazy: - I talked her out of suicide - tried to help her fix her affair with her driving instructor - I broke up with her for a year because I was tired of her back and forth - a week before she ghosted me she told me that she didn't feel alone with me for the first time in her life, felt secure blablabla. My ex cheated on me almost every month from day 1 but I thought he will change. But on the good side of him, he was a generous man, a responsible person and knew just what to do when things goes wrong, be it home or work wise. If they don't do that they are TOO similar in their behaviour to find a stable common groudn again. I just couldn't do a man who is so aloof and distant. You either want me or leave because I don't need you, I want you and that's the difference. Beside, Geminis are aloof and distant most of the time as well.

It's definitely something people in general tend to notice and to a certain degree care about. I could use the same argument and still say the opposite I have known black men from Africa, from Cameroon, Ghana and Nigeria, arabians, turks, italiens etc. and none of them have ever given a damn about race.

If at all, then it's the families who force them to marry women from their own race, culture or religion.

It means she have to be unavailable all of the time. Thats why both parties need to talk with each other.

It's difficult for every person to see their own shortcomings without help.

Maybe it's different in the US, especially between blacks. I have heard that black men allegedly avoid black women for some reason, I just have never experienced this with anybody I know. Most people in this country in general are at least partially focused on race and ethnic backgrounds. Anyway, knowing that you're not American from the beginning could have saved me a lot of time. They use us as loopholes so that Black women won't clown them for following all the way through and actually dating a white woman.

A mixed light skin woman is as close they can get to a white woman without getting dragged for it.

I even met one with a Cap moon who ask me out for a date when he's already in a rs with a Leo. - I wanted to talk with her because I needed some emotional comfort for the first time in my life and hanged up the call after the first 90 sec. He was going back and forth with me and his ex fiancee, a Libra and have a huge number of others too. I'm not perfect but my expectation when it comes to love aren't even difficult. If you can't even do that, don't ever be in a rs or marriage. Is it okay for them to be so but not for the Aqua or male partner. One thing that made me suspicious so gar when it comes to Gemini is that they have a lot of expectations and ideas how something should work but most are unwilling to give those rights to the other person as well or come up with ideas how it could work. But true, there's always ways for us to improve ourselves and be better at it. Don't do what we don't want others to do to us and all will be good.

His reason was, she's bossy but after digging more, he admit that he gets bored easily if the woman refused to play the cat and mouse game. There is a tendecy to be passive and inconsisten when it comes to those thinks. The same could be said when it comes to some of the accusations Aquas have to face. In my case it's the Gemini who ghosted me after seven years of "it's-complicated" at the moment I needed her.

Talk to any psychiatrist and they'll tell you that.