It is also interesting to note the 6.9% decrease from pre dating performance to after dating.Results: We first tested the average percent change in yearly performance from the initial level to the dating level.The software is provided also with the full not encrypted source codes and free technical support.

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The average in this data was a 15.3% decrease in athletic output, a startling number that supports the hypothesized “Kate Upton Effect”.

While the 15.3% decline seems significant, the 25.6% decline from Dating to Married is even more startling.

We were able to come up with 75 relationship data points across many sports all since the year 2000.

Some of these relationships seem to have followed the stated negative effect such as when Rory Mc Ilory and Caroline Wozniacki ended their engagement and Rory promptly won the final two majors of 2014.

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