Two-dimensional time, time that is finite but boundless, multi-dimensional space, and so forth.i hope you understand my point because no matter if we are born here or not, etc we must do better collectively and organizationally as black people to stop it.

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It is a well known fact that kidney patients are urged to adopt a low protein diet in order to reduce strain on the kidneys. Spirulina is a very protein rich, microscopic blue-green algae, which is an excellent source of nutrients.

Numerous studies have shown spirulina to provide kidney protective effects in experimental animals, despite its high protein content.

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The mineral, magnesium is crucial for proper kidney function and its deficiency often leads or exacerbates diabetes, which helps further along kidney degeneration.

Yet if the kidneys are failing, they may not adequately clear out magnesium and can create a toxic overload.

After more than 2 years of treatment without improvement, she began therapy with Astragalus.