The company agreed to make changes, but this paves the way for a nationwide, class action lawsuit from employees.

Today, Menards has over 300 stores in 14 US states.

He not only screwed me out of a pay check, but the reason they let me go before my 2 weeks was up was so they did not have to pay me for my 4 weeks of vacation I had coming.

But I do not appreciating this at all and would like full product and refund of this unacceptable service, and please don’t tell me 12/30 Was an estimate because I know what an estimate is.

You had me paying for this item in full upfront with knowledge of unpleasant deliveries, a good company would have sent their own company truck to Ohio to fetch my item.

Menards was founded in 1962 by John Menard, Jr in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

In 1969, Menard began to add manufacturing capabilities to the site, including lumber and doors. In 1994, the post frame building division of the company was sold.

My team members and I got along very well and we did what we could to get things done the most efficient as possible. I asked him if I could complete my 2 weeks and he firmly said no.

Now anyone who has bills especially around this time of year knows that a week worth of pay can make a huge difference.ATTN: John Menard ATTN: Scott Collette Reply I have had the absolute worst customer experience, I have every had from this store and its management team .I ordered a Vanity top for my bath room on 9-30-17 when it came in the holes were drilled wrong.I have lost all respect for the Concrete Division of Midwest Manufacturing and all of the Managers.Maybe this email will put in to perspective on why Menards has a bad reputation and why they can not get people to work for them.I am not a happy customer Very unhappy customer Nichola Carty LVNA 30132048 313 721 XXXX Reply After almost 13 years of employment with Menards I recently found a better opportunity for me and my family and accepted a new career path. Currently I had been working at a Mini Xdock (Building 25) in Eau Claire, WI where I was a supervisor.