The intention here behind the bots is to advertise.Website owners look at their Analytics, they see a website is getting them loads of traffic, they visit the website to see how they linked to you, and then they get fooled into giving away information, spending money, or downloading software.

Dating sites top referrers video

No, not the canned meat product, but the inbound digital garbage that you never ever want to see, no matter where it pops up.

Its form could be as simple as an unexpected product advertisement or a more complex scheme that exploits your personal info, downloads malware, and pulls money from your pocket. Also called referral spam, log spam, referral bombing, crawler spam, and some other fun names.

In Google Analytics, you’ll see this effect under your web traffic’s referral list.

To see this list, click “Acquisition,” then click “All Traffic,” and then click “Referrals.” Google Analytics will then list the URLs of websites that send traffic to your website for your pre-selected data range.

As an online store owner, you should have a basic idea of who your site visitors are.

This can be useful information because it helps you determine and plan many aspects of your store and improve sales.Similarly, 3dcart Stats and Smarter Stats will both show your admin traffic like CSV imports/exports and file manager uploads, but Google Analytics will not.The point is that these tools should be used as a gauge to the site's traffic rather than a 100% accurate figure -- Along the top of the page, you will see additional statistical reports that you can review.See the Google Analytics referrals image below to see what I mean.Don’t get fooled into thinking these referrer websites’ offers to give you more traffic are legitimate.I wouldn’t even visit them on your browser – it can put your computer security at risk.