Then proceeds to call her mother or father to ask them how to ask their daughter on a date.

The dating world is a pretty scary place sometimes, especially if one of your hobbies involves spending enough time indoors playing video games that your pale skin can be used as a defensive mechanism in bright sunlight.

Just have to not be a slob or creep, and show some confidence and there is a good chance you'll get a date out of it if.

Was going to link to a STUart edge video where he goes to comic con and asks to make a call on a girls phone as his is dead. Seems he doesn't keep anything up past a year which is fucking stupid.

Makes it very easy to keep yourself amused and meet people day and night.

I met a pretty emo/alt chick at London comic con and spent three days (and nights ;) )with her after have a ten minute conversation about why most UK horror films nearly always suck.

Most girls I know are games in one form or another (no, not FB/mobile gamers). Issue is however that just like men, women rarely Wear thier hobbies on thier sleeves (just as thankfully the fewest Guys walk around with a "PS" shirt or cap (which is usually just pathetic).

Granted, not all of them have a 500 game collection or spend 40 hours a week with a controller in their hands but most people up to their 30's (and plenty after it) nowadays game. Just like most people they do not want to be judged or hit on by thier hobby. On topic though, Definitly conventions, and you might want to see if there's any LAN party events that are open to the public in your area.

Capcom is priming the hype meter ahead of the XBox One and Playstation 4 launch of Monster Hunter Online.

This time around, nearly ten minutes of gameplay footage is showcased that provides a peek at the Coral Highlands.

Don’t: Build a shrine to her and start worshiping the ground she walks on because she has a vagina and plays video games. Do: Take her out on dates to normal places and social events.

Don’t: Spend every waking moment you’re together and not boning trying to get her to play a game.

Things that will prevent you from looking like a massive tool or being thought of as the world’s biggest asshole.