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Nitrozac uses a Wacom tablet to draw her illustrations.

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“She came back into my life and helped put back together my shattered soul,” he said.

“She just put her arms around me and has not let go.” Now married with a 6-year-old son, the family indulges in geeky events like “Planet of the Apes” screenings and at-home “Lord of the Rings (Extended Edition)” movie marathons.

“After having lost my wife, I know how precious it is to find the love of your life,” Dino said.

“So, as far as I’m concerned, I want you to find love regardless of your orientation. Period.” Soul Geek takes great pains to be a safe haven for geeky love to blossom.

A weekly autoscan email highlights the profiles a member may like based on his or her preferences.

This feature only gets better as more people sign up and use the site.

Every child is handed a video game controller and shown great works of imagination.” For lovers of comic books, cosplay, and conventions, the dating site promotes a judgment-free zone where geeks can be themselves.

In that spirit, all sexual orientations can sign up and find the love that appeals to them.

He felt that loneliness acutely, so he took it upon himself, in memory of his late wife, to build a place where single fan girls and fan guys could find each other.

Soul Geek is a dating site made by geeks for geeks.

One day, as Dino and his new wife, Casey, stood hand in hand at a “Battlestar Galactica” event in Los Angeles, he noticed a young girl eyeing them.