But then I love it because there's this ever so light sweetness I detect and honestly, I think it's a masterpiece. My little brother told me a lot of my fragrances were depressing, dark, heavy. Perfect for foggy nights By the way, i layered this with gucci guilty absolute and i get almost tuscan leather smell.

Personally, I love this fragrance, and I wear it in the cold weather when it's ok to be a bit more heavy-handed with the application.

But this scent will not be for everyone, I can guarantee it. If you like this scent, you're going to love it, but if you don't, you're going to probably hate it.

No man should ever be smelling like that, I've sold my bottle within the first opportunity. I don't find them alike but there are some similarities for sure.

Ladies should definitively try this frag, they would smell amazing- just be careful not to over apply, spray it to the skin from distance. Overall I own this, Encre Noire A L`Extreme& the sport version as well and I'm more than happy with the smell and their performance too.

Am a woman although it says for men, I find it kind of unisex.

In the opening I get a minty-leafy-lemonish smell and as the time passes,gets more woody and darker.

I absolutely enjoyed being in nature and I'd go for runs rain or shine. Perfect cold weather, smoky, bonfire autumn/winter scent. Luckily i got 2010 batch with 78%( believe me it's way better than 79% about projection and especially at the opening for 2 hours at least) The moment i sprayed it on my hand i realized how much i missed it, although i have the extreme version aswell but this is more enhanced and mood changer.

The smell of wet wood, trees, leaves, or plants in general. This reminds me of all those smells I often got while spending time in the woods. Occasionally (and this is rare) I have a love and hate thing with it only because of the inky-ness smell you get during the initial spray. The reviews made me think I’d be smelling something the Fallen Angel would smell like before he became the devil. I won't do that stupid mistake of selling it again.

may be someone who has all three can try to layer them and share his experience with me Awesome. Starts off a bit minty with some pine needles - a real out of the shower freshness. Solid performance - probably around 6 hours which isn't bad for an EDT these days. Absolutely walking the tightrope between love(or at least admiration) and hate for this one.