We made a family trip to Fabric Depot to get thread and elastic and olive-green and rust-colored corduroy.

I came home and sewed in happy isolation, breathing deeply, ripping out all my stupid mistakes and redoing stuff as necessary. My heart is just breaking for the people of east Texas and Louisiana who are affected by the catastrophic flooding right now.

I ordered (from Etsy) the same back-to-school dress pattern that I'd made her last year and after I'd spent a half an hour ironing all of the pieces I realized that it was a size too small.

I hurriedly ordered a size 5 and hopefully it will get here in time.

She traced her design onto the fusible web, ironed it to her fabric, cut it out, and fused it to the muslin background. On Hanna and Willy’s most recent visit she thought it would be fun to make pillow cases for daddy and her other grandparents for Christmas.

She had a package of pre-cut/fused letters with which she added her name. The next day I received the above pictures from her dad with the message “I think she gets this from you”; and 4 smiley faces! Willy helped her pick out the perfect flannels for each of them, then she began to sew. Afterwards we went to see Star Wars with Uncle Brad and Aunt Betsy (grandpa was home with the little ones 🙂 ) Happy New Year from all of us to all of you!

A while ago, Hanna said she wanted to make a pillow with a “critter” of some sort on it.

Since she doesn’t have a sewing machine, I thought she might enjoy fusing.My cousin Lisa has been best friends with Rochelle since grade school.They both met their husbands working at Mc Donalds during high school and have remained very close.Andy's been on vacation for almost three weeks and it feels like we've had something to do almost every single day.I know that can't be true but it true up until yesterday, when I huddled in my office, sewing school clothes and trying to organize my thinking about something, anything.All of the information, including dates, pricing, and the reservation form are in our Hawaii cruise flyer which may be opened by clicking on the following sign: ♦ And, as stated in the flyer, our goal is to include fiber related activities where possible.