Things involving some activity are best: pool, bowling, roller blading, mini-golf, dancing, etc.

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Maybe you leave him there for good, or maybe just for a night.

Whatever the reason is that he is contacting you now, you know that dating etiquette would tell you to either send him to voicemail, or let him hang in textual limbo.

Also, some of these aren't "rules" per se, but more like observations or insights.

RULE 1: Women communicate in two modes: the way things are, and the way they WISH things were.

This is why you see fat, ugly, or dumpy guys with hot chicks.

You will attract more women when you don't care if you're attracting women.

The Solution Just when you are about to pick up that phone and make that fatal mistake, I want you to think of one thing. And then I want you to imagine the worse thing possible happening. Then you will be in an even worse position than you are now.

I want you to imagine going to your “Favorites”, pressing his name, and hearing the phone ring. So you would have to leave some sort of message and then you would have to hang up and wait for him to call you back… What if you text him back, and then as some guys are known to do, he doesn’t respond. Just thinking of him not replying to you yet again should be enough of a deterrent for you.

You were just waiting for him to call so you could immediately start not calling him back.

But once your cell lit up with his number, emotion took over, and rather than stick to your original plan, you became consumed with one thing: making yourself feeling better. You’d rather call him back and be done with that, than prolong this agony.

The problem is that if you call or text him back, you will just be starting this vicious cycle all over again. So how do you fight this urge to immediately respond?