It was then that I knew: Green texts just cause too much unnecessary anxiety. It used to be that, when you started dating someone, you assessed the fundamentals of human compatibility: Do you want to have kids one day? It makes you wonder: In the modern world, where our phones have become an extension of ourselves, and our attitude toward technology is inextricable from our personality, is it possible to date someone who you’re not tech compatible with?

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Last year, I was dating a guy—I’ll call him Ben—who had an approach to social media that I just couldn’t wrap my head around.

Basically, Ben used Instagram as a way of earnestly updating his friends about what was going on in his life. For instance, he’d Instagram himself in the kitchen, smiling with a bunch of vegetables, with the caption “About to cook a stew! I, on the other hand, am more normal: I use social media as a way of tricking strangers into thinking my life is more interesting than it actually is, by means of ironic selfies at relevant social events, paired with vague captions that are meant to be interpreted as inside jokes but actually mean nothing.

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We have a lot in common: We’re both writers; we’re the same age; we both hate being outside.

But there’s one fundamental difference: He has an Android, and I have an i Phone.

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