More than 500 of Egypt's 596 lawmakers have signed "recommendations" supporting a re-election bid by President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, even before he has formally announced his candidacy, according to news reports published Thursday. Eric Greitens, a former Navy SEAL whose victory in his first run for public office made him a rising Republican political figure, has acknowledged an extramarital relationship in 2015, but is denying an allegation that he blackmailed the woman.

He remains fully committed to cooperating with the ethics investigation.” Franken, who was elected to the U. Senate in 2008, has faced multiple accusations of groping in recent weeks.

His case will move internally to a secretive and lengthy hearing before the Senate Ethics Committee.

The units and regiments of the Indian Army have diverse histories and have participated in a number of battles and campaigns across the world, earning a large number of battle and theatre honours before and after Independence.

The primary mission of the Indian Army is to ensure national security and national unity, defending the nation from external aggression and internal threats, and maintaining peace and security within its borders.

Stephanie Kemplin, a 41-year-old Ohio resident, told CNN in a report published Thursday that the incident happened during a photo-op while she was stationed in the Middle East as an Army officer.

Al Franken (D – Minnesota) of groping her during a 2003 USO tour, the fifth woman to claim that the former “SNL” star behaven inappropriately.

France is awarding its highest honor, the Legion of Honor medal, to the three Americans and one Briton that subdued a heavily-armed passenger that was on their high-speed train that was heading from Amsterdam to Paris with 500 passengers.

President Donald Trump's puzzling tweets about a key U. spying law threw the House into temporary disarray Thursday, but lawmakers ended up renewing the law — with a new restriction on when the FBI can dig into the communications of Americans swept up in foreign surveillance.

But one of the senator’s spokespeople told CNN: “As Sen.