Do Have a Sense of Humor Getting to know new people isn't always fun. Dating after divorce can be fraught with issues, but only if you let it. A sense of humor will help you get through bad dates--and they will happen--and not make you bitter or cynical.

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There is no perfect answer as to when you should start dating again, but usually it is best to wait at least a year after your divorce.

Use this time to go out and have fun with friends, learn a new skill, go away for a week.

Use this time to work on yourself and figure out what went wrong with your relationship.

Get to the point where you know what you want from a partner and what you don’t. Have you made as much peace as possible the divorce and your ex? They’ll help in many ways--especially when it comes to future relationships. That way, you won’t run the risk of picking the wrong types of people over and over again.

Of course, you're allowed to have a life, even a sex life -- just not at your child's expense.

When school-age children are exposed to these new relationships, you need to be clear with them about your feelings as well as the differences between an adult relationship and one between adolescents.

Kids may even want you to quickly marry someone, so they can be part of a “normal” traditional family unit.

Be sure to explain to your child the differences between casual dating, long-term relationships and getting married.

But direct exposure to frank sexual conduct is not a good idea.

Things Are Different A lot has changed in the dating scene over the past decade or so, with completely new methods of dating and new rules about when and where you can do it as well.

Dating isn't easy, but it can be even harder after divorce because it brings its own its own set of challenges. How do you date someone now that you have children? And in the age of dating apps and breaking up by text message, what are the new commandments of dating?