Naive but sincere woman with an environmental background. Killed by a fall from her apartment building, after being cornered by Willie Joe Garr and Jeb Ames, who knew she was going to give the Ewing Red File to Cliff Barnes. Killed in Paris by Sheila Foley/Hillary Taylor and her thugs.

Ewing in the sanitarium as he pursued her voting rights to Dusty's West Star shares. Killed while living in California and doing work for Sue Ellen and Valentine Lingerie. R., striking up a close relationship with her former boss, Jock Ewing. Slept with Kristin Shepard and was later blackmailed by her. at the University of Texas, became involved with him, and she was unable to have children because of the "botched abortion" she had when he abandoned her. Based in Venezuela before coming to Dallas after meeting Michelle Stevens at a resort in the Bahamas and learning what J.

She also is hinting that the rumors about their marital problems might be true.

On the latest episode of Braxton Family Values, all of Tamar’s sisters did not show up at the celebration that she put together for Vince’s birthday.

Additionally, hundreds of guest actors portrayed supporting characters, this list includes the most noteworthy among them. An oil wildcatter with a nose for drilling, longtime alcoholic, rival of Jock Ewing and former boyfriend of Ellie Southworth. Protective and snobbish mother of Sue Ellen Ewing and Kristin Shepard who encouraged her daughters to latch onto rich men. Cowboy and rodeo drifter who loved Sue Ellen Ewing and was a rival to J. He also got engaged to Pam again and married her in the last episode of the dream season. (dream season only)Angelica Nero’s assistant in Angelica's plot to take over Marinos Shipping, Nicholas turned supergrass against Angelica to attain his freedom, but he was later killed by Angelica in a Zurich hotel room.

Signed partnership agreement with Jock in 1939 concerning Ewing 23, and later fell out with Jock over the profits of Ewing 6, causing a long running feud which lasted many decades. USC student with an interest in architecture, which she used to her advantage as she pursued Bobby Ewing. Visited Dallas at the time of John Ross Ewing's birth, then returned to Dallas in 1985 when Sue Ellen was institutionalized by J. This whole return storyline was later abandoned as if it had never happened, when the whole of season 9 was explained away as being Pam's dream. and Jack involved in a deal with Marinos Shipping so that she could kill them off in the public eye, which would result in Angelica taking over as the head of Marinos Shipping from the dying/dead Dimitri Marinos, who had an uncanny resemblance to Jack Ewing. (dream season only)An old friend of Bobby's who continues to search for emerald mines in South America, arriving in Dallas just to find out that Bobby is dead. then decides to do a deal with the CIA to foil Calhoun's Saudi activities.

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She claims that they always spend celebrations like that together.

Let’s not forget that not too long ago Tamar almost lost her life too.

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Towanda is going back and forth with people on Twitter, discussing her frustration at the fact that Tamar brought her husband on the family vacation.

Married Rebecca in the 1940s, and had 4 children (2 of whom died in infancy). Tried to kill Pamela Ewing but accidentally ran down Bobby, 1985. Ambitious, slinky, conniving younger sister of Sue Ellen with long brown hair who had affairs with Rudy Millington, Alan Beam, Vaughn Leland, Jordan Lee and J. A model, initially the girlfriend of Cliff Barnes following Cliff's split from Afton Cooper. (dream season only)Angelica Nero's right hand woman in Angelica's plot to take over Marinos Shipping. Pam takes over in investing in Matt's emerald mine (dream season only)A man who came to work on Southfork Ranch. of their close tracking of Calhoun and his terrorist activities, J. calls Calhoun to try to call off their deal, but Calhoun refuses.