visit your spiritual mentors together, read Christian literature.It also entails unifying your minds together as you try to understand each other’s view on issues, what excite you may irritate your partner, it’s a period you understand what your partner values and trying to see from each other’s point of view.

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Remember you both have different minds, so you can’t think alike, it calls for proper understanding to actually flow together.

Learn to be patient with each other and not overreact too quickly, take things gently and with understanding.

Don’t marry someone you don’t love, no matter the persuasion, Love transcends beauty or any other facial qualities. No matter how much you both love each other, times will come when you will offend each other or have some forms of disagreement over issues that may lead to one party feeling offended, you must learn to forgive each other. Unforgiveness can lead to bitterness, hatred, suspicion and lack of trust which are all killers of relationship.

Don’t hold grudges against your partner, be open to discuss and settle your differences. Trust is very vital in sustaining a courtship, if you can’t trust each other there is no point moving along.

You both must be able to express yourself in a way that you both will understand, talk plainly not in parables!

Don’t assume your partner knows what you are thinking when you never told him/her, don’t assume he/she should know what you are passing through if you’ve never told him/her.A time to verify that the yes you said at the beginning is truly yes.Note that set of rules must be agreed upon to guide your courtship, otherwise, you will be like a ship on a high sea without a compass and without an anchor.So the process of marriage begins with a ready man looking for a ready woman!After knowing the will of God for your life in marriage, a guy goes ahead and propose marriage to the lady, let me quickly add this that it is the duty of the guy to propose and not the other way round, and the proposal must be clear and well understood, don’t enter into a relationship based on assumption! Christian Courtship is simply the time gap between when a Christian lady says yes to a marriage proposal from a Christian brother.Rules are very important, write them down and follow them to the letter; the two of you must help each other to stand!