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It has no spices or noticeable woods, making it approachable for a wide range of tastes and situations. The only problem is extremely poor longevity on me. It is a very strong spicy vanilla on my skin, which right away makes me think of liquor. I really have a peppery feel from that one (black pepper), along with flowers, a hint of vanilla and pencil shavings (which I love). The classification of the fragrance is totally wrong in my opinion, no way it's an oriental vanilla.

Unlike most of the Longevity ratings on this page, Allure very predictably all but disappears on me by the two hour mark. It's a wonderful fragrance from Chanel and it never fails to get lots of compliments. I can understand why that appeals to some people, and why it might be considered "sexy". At first the flowers, then the more deep vanilla, oriental, after 2 hours does not weaken, but the vanilla changes, just delight ... Despite that I like it very very much; this has to be the first perfume from Chanel that became a wrist crack the day of testing. Basically it's a fruity floral that is distinct from others and that doesn't lean towards the gourmand side, despite the presence of peach and vanilla.

If not for that, I'd like to have a decant of this in my collection. Thankfully, I don't get much vanilla but detect some lovely citrus floral and woods. But it's just so aggressive on my nose, I feel you'd have to really love it to wear it all the time because it will be all you smell all day long. It must be a mix of water lily, mandarin, magnolia and freesia. Beautiful smell, probably originated first, then edp and other versions. I understand why its so long on the market, it always will be. Maybe they are not completely peach and a clear vanilla.

This was the first Chanel I ever bought and I love it! That day you wake up and realize you've lost 5 pounds, the kids are making their own breakfast and your husband is washing the dishes. This is the perfume I imagine French ladies of the night wore centuries ago. An aromatic and not juicy peach with a citrusy facet and then some soft balmy vanilla, smoothening for the most part.

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It hits my sinuses and my face morphs into an expression not unlike the gif of the baby tasting lemon for the first time.

I waited a half hour just to be sure, then hopped into the shower. I must hate peaches because they are all I can smell in this and it gives me major "nose hair burn" and a headache.

Allure eau de parfum by Chanel is a Oriental Vanilla fragrance for women. The fragrance features bergamot, mandarin orange, peach, cedar, vanilla, rose, jasmine, peony, magnolia, orange blossom, lotus and vetiver.