Since Stephen doesn't produce patches on weekends, you can see the gaps (dashed lines are Mondays, Australian time) The -rc1 dip is really clear (these patches are produced against the last labelled Linus kernel, so hence it's a one day drop), and you can see the -rc2, -rc3 and -rc4 dips diminishing like they're supposed to.Those sharp-eyed will note that during the merge window, kernel hackers work weekends :) OK, so Dave Miller's pending deletion I can understand; if you didn't know how key he was, the article itself lacks references and is lacks detail (compare it with Andrew Tridgell's page.(At least he noticed; when I was deleted last time I didn't know).Don't compare it to another language, and don't talk about languages that you already hate.

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But just like the concept of doing homework long before the deadline, it was never going to happen.

UNSW School of Computer Science and Engineering are having "Employer of the Week" experiment: September 1st is IBM's week.

Those might be things that just annoy you, admitted design flaws, recognized performance problems, or any other category.

You just have to hate it, and it has to be your favorite language.

Click here for more info about their Christian Singles events.

When enough people register their interest, an event is set up (they already ran one Christian Singles event in early 2014, and as of now no new event has been scheduled).

– (& was a non-profit NZ online Christian dating website run by Christian Friendship Fellowship NZ (CFF).

Unfortunately it was closed in December 2013, however over the last 30 years CFF(NZ) has apparently helped over 1,000 couples meet and get married.

– This is a great Christian dating site that is “Run by Kiwis for Kiwis”.