I have prayed the Rosary, the Divine Mercy and prayers to St. May He send the Holy Spirit to guide and help me in my finances. That the doctors can help him and the medication works. Please pray for me to be strong and pray more and be rooted in Christ, as my faith and prayer life are shaken, due to all the worries, fears, anxieties, and negative thoughts. My dad does not want to talk to me at all and it hurts and disturbs me a lot. Marcia1/10/18: Please pray for me so Jesus will heal me. Long1/10/18: Dear Friends and Prayer Warriors, giving praise honor and glory to our Heavenly Father. I pray that he turns away from drinking, and just to be a responsible loving person. Willie1/6/18: Prayers please, I have been having a difficult time with an eye infection and inflammation on both eyes. The fear of losing eyesight is at a very high level. I got pregnant after trying for 7 long years and I am already attached to loving this baby beyond everyone, so this is so important. Pray for my healing, and please give me and my daughter and son answers to our prayers (and a needed miracle home I own for me and my daughter (0,000), so we can move away and be set free from abusive Ron. None of her family or friends told her that she was wrong, and they are encouraging divorce, her so-called Christians. May God also bless the examiners and give him good comments. Give him courage, strength, guidance, and wisdom to continue his education and his job. Help him to get the best treatment that can help him and understand his needs. Madhavi 1/11/18: My birthday is on 12th January and I ask that you keep me in your prayers. who, having listened to others who are non-believers has completely turned away from God and no longer believes, after many years of serving God. Please help him to do better in school and to stop being so angry to those who love him and only want what’s best for him. State hospital may be our solution but we don't have any cooperation from Luke or the means to get him there. If the baby continues to grow at a good rate with a healthy heart beat next week then the risk for mc will lower a bit.

Nonetheless if you could whisper a little something I'd sure appreciate it. Chris1/9/18: Please pray for my son and daughter-in-law. I know I always wish and promise for something, but please Lord, for this time, help me to pass all my subjects. Please Lord for me and my whole batch, please Lord, I don’t want to be delayed. I have lupus she going to me very ill she already is. I pray for our marriage covenant, that we learn to put You first, to communicate and to be moved to prayer. Please pray that my son finds employment to meet his financial needs for his family after being out of work for such a long time. She's in danger of losing her home and in a lot of financial debt. J.1/2/18: I pray for all of you who are suffering and request prayers on this site. Please pray for me too, as I have been in pain for such a long time as I wait for an operation.

My son left the church and married in another church in June 2016, and they have since left that church. Please pray that God grants her the grace to obtain what's needed to keep a roof over her head, even if that means assisted living; and for her to have the humility to accept that she can't do this alone and needs some assistance. Jide1/2/18: Father God, this prayer I plead to You to help me urgently. and that all the people contributing to this behavior be removed from his life. Please pray that I can have my operation soon and that it will be successful and go smoothly. I am grateful for your prayers those of you who trouble yourself to pray for me. Please heal his leg and all other infections and ailments.

They said they wanted to come back to the Catholic Church but are making no effort to do so. Please bind my husband's anger, irrationality, and lies, in the name of Jesus Christ; and urgently restore calm and peace back into my and my children’s life. Pray my husband will be fully committed to to me and our family. Bless him physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Jason1/2/18: My mother is bedridden and suffering from Alzheimer's.

Too many people are telling them to go to different churches. Allow all the fighting around us to be settled quickly, maturely, and amicably. Fellow prayer warriors, please pray for my mother's health, that she may regain her health back and enjoy time with family again. She's pregnant for the second time and the ultrasound showed a sac attached to the uterus but no embryo.

It is hard to keep the faith with everyone around saying to let it go. May He teach us to share these to the needy and less fortunate. Betsy A., who is sick; but they are unable to determine what is wrong with her. I still trust him to heal my baby from this danger. Also pray for peace, unity, and happiness within me and my husband and my in-laws and my parents. Please pray that his life be transformed and he may seek and know God. I am grateful for my siblings who have been able to help me in these trying times. Samuel1/10/18: Please pray for my friend Elizabeth to come back to the friendship as before. Please, please pray for my baby’s health, growth, and development.

Jude every day for past three months for healing in our family and the Resurrection of our marriage back from the dead. May He also abundantly bless me and my family and as we receive these blessings. Help him find a girlfriend who loves him and makes him happy. Bless a family that can buy our house and loves it as we did. Amen1/11/18: Please pray for the wife of my good friend, Ms. Pray that God may grant me knowledge and wisdom to handle all situations in the way he wants me to. He drinks and talks all negative stuff which is not true about me and my husband to anybody. I ask you to please pray for his health as he is a stroke patient. He has no God in his life and does not believe priests as he has seen not so good priests and does not believe in counselors. But my life has changed because my husband brought God into my life at a time when I was in a very bad state. Please pray for him to experience the love of Christ in his life. The abdominal pain gives me fear of having pancreatic cancer. I also pray for financial stability, since my common law has not been able to go back to work since November due to hand surgery and has yet to heal. I am writing here so everyone who sees this post can keep my baby in their prayers.

As Pope Gregory the Great once wrote “He causes his prayers to be of more avail to himself who offers them also for others.” In other words, as our Lord said in Luke’s Gospel “Give and it shall be given to you” (Luke ). Jason1/12/18: Please pray for my brother who has a brain tumor. will be gone soon so that she will no longer bother and wreck a lot my family, especially my children. Joannaleen1/10/18: Please pray for my family and me. If this is not possible, please pray that I quickly find another job that I love as much.1/9/18: I know there are so many people in need. I have the flu right now and I would like to have some prayers for me. For my husband and brother- in-law to return to the faith. I love him and honestly thought I could give him that dream of a child he so wanted for so long but it hasn't happened. He already doesn't believe in God as I do, but believes in reincarnation. My wife is creating a nuisance for the purpose of money and royal life. Her supervisor does not like her and finds any reason to write her up. Her self-esteem is so low she is considering quitting the nursing field. So sad that one person can destroy someone's desire to help people get well. That my daycare earns 00 weekly paying ASAP and is never shut down; that employees are loyal to me coming to work on time, loving their jobs. I pray that the boils on my legs go away; my legs and my tail bone heals; continue to lose weight. Please pray for his protection always, and that he is not arrested. Anthony, please pray for the full recovery of money fraudulently gotten from my bank account on 30th Dec. Her husband suffered for a long time, and now I pray that he suffers no more and is at peace. Thank you for your prayers, my dear brothers and sisters in Christ. Help her to accept the healing and love that the Lord wants to give her, and pray that her love for God will increase. I know there’s so many others in far worse shape than me, but I’m alone and don’t reach out in times of hardship to others. Please pray for the strength to deal with this and for a more speedy recovery. Danielle1/3/18: Please pray my cancer is gone and my lung nodules are non malignant. That she look within and see the wrong and pain she is causing. I want him to be set free from this and all pain that he endures while in prison which I am not aware of.

And, as a popular saying goes “God cannot be outdone in generosity! Please forgive me of my sins and forgive her of her sins. He's depressed and having a hard time taking care of himself. Joe O'Brien will be very happy living in retirement in Ireland, that his general health will improve. Please pray that the medication will work very well in controlling the Dementia, please God. John from Ireland.1/12/18: Please pray for my friend so that she will find peace, direct her in the right direction about her job she was treated very unfair and financially help her. And at the same time I would like to know if there's anyone I can pray for it too. I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer 2 years ago and today I am cancer free from it but know my doctor told me I might have lung cancer. I just want him to know God and his love the way I do, but now I may have destroyed this for him. If not, please give her a new job that will make her happy. Please keep Vinod in your daily prayers for protection and long and happy life. Cheryl1/4/18: Please Lord, ease my mental illness and give my sisters and their loved ones comfort and faith in my well being, as well as Carlos, his family, and the Bridge agency. I ask they she may have a true conversion and come back to the faith. He has tried hard to let go and continues to lose control.

I try to read all prayers every day and do truly ask the Lord to hear your prayers and my prayers for you all. Thank you for all the blessings that my family and I received.