She’s now chasing this neurotic double bass player with more issues than Vogue around the city’s jazz bars.Maybe one day she’ll set her eyes on charismatic Mr Big who’s snapped up most one-bedrooms in Old Bakery Street...10. Miranda is so busy that she has to pencil in her own date nights with her boyfriend.

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She’s your go-to woman if you want to take your business stratospheric, and can put you in touch with just about anyone, get you on the guest list for the latest classical concert at 3.

Charlotte is super busy trying to get everything just right for V18. When she’s not overseeing “the hang” of the latest Fine Art Photography show at 4. She’s about to be made a partner at the South Street Law Firm she’s been working at since she graduated.

Samantha prefers to be single than wait around for Mr Right. An ex-waterpolo player turned lettings agent who she just knows would be perfect for that Franks advert. He opened up this funky new bar in Strait Street so he works late too.

There was that one lesbian relationship with that earthy-type but they both got on each-others’ nerves after a while.

She stumbles upon it when her plastic shopping bag bursts while she is walking by it.(401 Bleecker St.) The cupcakes from this NYC bakery became world famous when Carrie and Miranda snacked on them during an episode of SATC.

They enjoy the buttercream-topped cupcakes while they discuss Carrie’s new crush, Aidan Shaw. Ave S.) Sex and the City was groundbreaking because of its frank and open discussion of sex.

She’d spend her days typing away on her Mac Book, switching it up from.

She’s always on the phone and never without an Aperol Spritz.

She’s been working on it for as long as she can remember and under her watch, it’s set to run like clockwork. If there’s anyone who can serve justice when it comes to human rights or separation proceedings, it’s her.

One day she’d like to set up her own firm just outside the Capital in Floriana, but for now she can be found having important meetings over hushed lunches at .

The building next door, 64 Perry, was actually used for the first three seasons and was then replaced in favor of the fancier-looking 66 Perry for the subsequent seasons.