If you frequently experience lag when you want to switch from one program to another, adding laptop RAM will probably give your system a significant boost.This depends on what you do with your computer and the amount you can add is limited by the type of operating system you have.Read Full Review They tried to take double the amount that I agreed (£60 for 6 months, they tried to take £120) straight from my account.

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Keep the Task Manager open and see how your RAM performs over time as you continue using your computer.

So what would you say, should I just leave it as it is or would that slight improvement be valuable?

been on the site for a couple of weeks already have had 3 men on their targeting women obviously who they think have money, making out they are the best man in the world for ask for your email but don't want to speak until they are outed then we realise we have been wasting our time with yet another man then we dnt trust any of them.

the whole site is bad in so many ways they also do lots of advertising and try to lure you into…Read Full Review When it comes to the end of your time with BEWARE, they very cleverly automatically renew your subscription even if you dont want them too.

In one year they mature, in three years they become elderly and after five they are ready for retirement.

Not sure whether you can upgrade hardware all by yourself?Read Full Review Match dating site is not what it pretends to be it will send you matches from people not in your age range and you will certainly not be in theirs.Most laptops start with 2gb could only go up to 4gb..I found a good price of 80 € on 2x8 gb (still the hyperx) so if that wouldn't be completely pointless I would get them and perhaps keep them for a next laptop ( I know laptops aren't great for gaming but being able to bring everything around is such a pro in my eyes) Also if I can use some more of your knowledge..My cpu runs at 1.6ghz with turbo 2.6, does it mean that it can run rams with the same speed or is it completely unrelated?Read Full Review I tried this dating site for 3 months and I was approached by a lot of less than desirable men.