We’ll be discussing selection of components, country of origin, production techniques, and anything that will help bring us to a better understanding.

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samsung metro b350 online dating - Boutique guitar pedals online dating

What’s clear is that the word entered our gear lexicon at some point, and has been applied more loosely and liberally over time as the frequency of its use has increased.

Boutique, as a description and a concept, was originally used in reference to custom-built amplifiers dating back to the ’70s.

Many players question whether the benefits of boutique really warrant the investment.

It is decidedly a niche market, attracting only the most discerning ears and discriminating tastes (or biggest wallets).” Later in the chapter I wrote, “Part of the popularity of boutique may lie in its grassroots, back-to-basics appeal.

There is a sense that you have a product of fine craftsmanship made by a real person who’s into what he’s doing, not some faceless corporation cranking them out by the thousands, always with an eye on the bottom line.

We want to believe that the boutique pedal we’ve just purchased is a labor of love, made with the finest ingredients.

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Dumble and early Mesa/Boogie amps were considered boutique.