What is one thing that I would not tolerate in a relationship? What is one thing that can make me weak in the knees? What is the longest relationship that I have been in? What is the least amount of sleep that I have ever had?

book of questions for dating couples-57

If you like to watch movies, that’s not enough, because it’s passive.

Whether you have been in a relationship for a few months or a few years, we all like to think that we know our significant others pretty well.

What is the strangest gift that I ever gave to you?

What do I think is the greatest weakness in our marriage?

Some questions are serious, while others are more fun and lighthearted.

Remember that while it is important to know a lot about your significant other, asking each other these questions should also be fun.

How did I spend my summer vacations when I was younger?

If I could have dinner with one person who was either dead or alive, who would that be? What is the most expensive meal that I have ever had?

What is my least favorite thing about my childhood?