For example, hypomanic periods recur without any depressive interludes, or there are near-hypomanic episodes that don’t last four days or don’t have the right number of symptoms.

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I plan to file an ethics complaint with the state, for what good it will do.

BIPOLAR & 'TOUGH TOPICS' Some aspects of bipolar disorder can be difficult to acknowledge, such as hypersexuality, brushes with the law, aggressive behavior, and psychotic symptoms.

“It gives us more clinical information about how to treat, about prognosis, and so on.” This is not actually a diagnostic category.

Rather, it’s a “specifier” that is added to the diagnosis to indicate that four or more separate mood episodes of any stripe occurred within a single year.

I cannot take her staying in contact, and she is unable to stop.

“Dom” is himself a school psychologist who knows she is under medical care and on Depakote.

Manic episodes are hard for observers to miss (although the person in mania may not see it), so that a diagnosis of bipolar I often occurs when someone has been hospitalized or has a brush with the law, or relatives insist on getting help.

This diagnosis calls for at least one lifetime episode of major depression plus at least one hypomanic episode.

And when he’s asking about past history, “people will remember if they’ve been hospitalized or gotten arrested, but anything less severe than that doesn’t seem as important once time has passed.” This diagnosis indicates “there’ve been mood issues that haven’t gotten all the way to a depression, haven’t gotten all the way to mania, but they’ve lasted a long time,” Youngstrom says.