At first, she does not participate in wearing costumes on a whim like the guys do, though she is excited to wear a couples' costume for Halloween one year and, another time, dresses up as a Star Fleet medical officer in order to increase Sheldon's feelings for her.

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While Sheldon generally refuses to accept the need for intimacy, Amy appears to desire the kinds of friendship she was denied as a child.

She is capable of acknowledging that she is part of a group, as shown in "The Zazzy Substitution" when she uses the phrase "my colleagues and I." She also finds people of the opposite sex attractive, although she is initially unable to understand her physical desire for Penny's ex-boyfriend Zack Johnson until it is examined by Sheldon and her.

Amy had appeared in 21 episodes in Season 5 and had been absent from 3 episodes in Season 5 (1: S5E7, 2: S5E20 and 3: S5E21). In the beginning of the season, she still wants time to think about her relationship with Sheldon, and breaks up with him after he inadvertently offends her.

Amy had appeared in 22 episodes in Season 6 and had been absent from 2 episodes in Season 6 (1: S6E8 and 2: S6E22). She later starts dating another man, Dave Gibbs, who has an interest in Sheldon, much to Amy's dismay. When the new Star Wars movie comes out, at the same time as Amy's birthday, Sheldon decides to sacrifice going to the movie to spend Amy's birthday with her, and decides to give her a present she won't forget: having sex, which they both enjoy.

She is also allergic to avocados and likes Chaucer, other medieval poetry, old French movies and writes Little House on the Prairie fan fiction. Fowler on December 17th (as proven by Sheldon having a ticket to the premiere on THURSDAY, that being the 17th), possibly between 19.

Amy is 5' 4" (1.63 m), brunette and with greenish-blue eye color. Sheldon describes her in her hypothetical alternate-reality story as "a cute bespectacled neurobiologist with hair the color of mud" in "The Cooper Extraction". What happened to her father and whether she has siblings are unknown. She was very lonely and had no friends from nursery school through to graduate school. Fowler also paid Amy's cousin to take her to the prom, but he used the money to buy drugs.

Amy becomes very close with Sheldon starting in the premiere episode where they have dinner with Penny and Amy is quite condescending with her.

Sheldon tells everyone "Yes, she's a girl and yes, she's my friend, but no, she is not my girlfriend.".

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