Its 24×7 support promise ensures that hotel managers can sail through all tech scares, fully hosted solution helps hotel owners avail and end to end solution for their website needs, and multilingual website feature makes the hotel website a globally relevant tool for business expansion.

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Of course, there’s more to making a hotel really successful, operate at full capacity with no redundant staff and feature on the preference lists of guests whenever they’re around the same parts of the world again, and a swashbuckling hotel website is right there at the top of the super successful hotel’s toolbox.

It’s understandable for hotel managers to not warm up immediately to the marvels of a hotel website; however, it’s for them to understand the leverage that a website can provide to the hotel.

The templates collection is regularly updated with new templates making entry to the stables every month.

Also, you can switch over your hotel website’s design to any new template without any trouble or rework.

Suggest all sorts of combo deals to your users at the time of their bookings, show hotel promos before they book, and enjoy more than a dozen intelligent up-selling features that are guaranteed to have an impact on your monthly revenues.

The most trusted hotel management assistant for busy managers – Hotel Liant is all about making a hotel manager’s job easier, and that’s what it delivers with features such as option to market your hotel as per its location, flaunt all the accolades received by your hotel over the years, and highlighting the most differentiated hotel amenities with smart images.All this ensures that hoteliers don’t have to stuff themselves up with added responsibility of website management; in fact Hotel Liant is as self-driven a website building tool as any in the market.WIX provides lots of advantages comparing to other website builder and the first of them – it’s absolutely free.You can link your social media profiles with the website to leverage social media connectivity.Creating events to appeal to clients who need hotel bookings for conventions and meetings is also effortlessly enabled.Then, these templates are mobile ready which ensures that patrons are able to connect to your hotel website even when they’re on impromptu travels.