Del is my fabric conditioner of choice for the longest time now. Now that I am using Del too, I can be sure that my sons won't smell stinky and sweaty when they come home from sports practice. Give your full attention and really listen to what your spouse is saying.

When I learned they had two new variants, Del Forever Joy and Del Forever Love. My daughter will smell like she just came out of the shower even after her long commute to work. It means a lot to a person when they know you are actively listening to them.

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I used to hate doing the laundry, however, I have found an hassle free way to get the task done.

I soak the clothes overnight, run the wash cycle in the morning and finish off with Del fabric conditioner. I used Del Forever Love last week when I washed our beddings and curtains.

Now our bedroom smells like a flower garden in full bloom! Check out Del's Facebook page and read about how people are raving about their products. For the record, I am not a marriage counselor or a psychologist.

The secrets to our long lasting relationship are simple and come naturally.

En esta ocasión podrás combatir como un guerrero Felyne encarnando a un Gatador, ¡y aprovechar al máximo sus magníficas habilidades para apoyar a tus compañeros en combate!

Un desfile interminable de criaturas colosales —algunas que los fans de la serie reconocerán y otras que son nuevas para todos—, esperan impacientes a todo el que se lance a participar en esta gran refriega generacional.

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During those bad days, we make it a point to find ways to distract our attention away from the pain. Our bodies are no longer the same ones when we first met. He reads the Bible almost every day and it is such an admirable trait.

Eleven years ago I was fit and slim and he was fit and strong. He encourages me to read the Bible, and lets me know what to read when I encounter trials, need guidance or to praise and thank God for blessings received.

What works for us may be different from yours, as we all know that every relationship is unique.