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ACL Active Directory Alias Arrays Browsers Certificates Characters CIM Comments COM Objects Compare Computer Credentials CSV Culture Date Drives Environment Errors Event Viewer Files Folders Format Operator (-f) Functions GPO GUI Hardware Hashtables Help History Jobs Keyboard Loops Math Memory Messages Modules Microsoft Excel Microsoft Exchange Microsoft Outlook Microsoft Share Point Networking Openfiles Operators Parameters Password Powershell ISE Powershell v5 Printers Processes PSObject Quest Random RDP Regedit Regex Remote Restore Scheduled Tasks Search SCCM Services SMTP Snapins Sounds Static .

Power Shell Version # Versions 3 and 4 # via Remote Invoke-Command -Computer Name $computer -Script Block # Restricted - No scripts can be run.

Windows Power Shell can be used only in interactive mode.

Set-Execution Policy -Execution Policy Restricted # All Signed - Only scripts signed by a trusted publisher can be run.

Set-Execution Policy -Execution Policy All Signed # Remote Signed - Downloaded scripts must be signed by a trusted publisher before they can be run.

Find Class('user').mandatoryproperties | Format-Table $schema. Find Class('user').optionalproperties | Format-Table $searcher = New-Object -Type Name Directory Services.

Value Get-ADUser $sid $schema = [Directory Services. Active Directory Schema]:: Get Current Schema() $schema.

Zip File]:: Create From Directory($folder Source,$file Destination) # Powershell v5 Compress-Archive -Path $folder Source -Destination Path $file Destination ### UNCOMPRESS ONE FILE ### # Powershell v5 Expand-Archive -Path $file Source -Destination Path $folder Destination ### UNCOMPRESS ONE FOLDER ### # Compress the folder 'R:\temp\zip\Folder To Compress' and created the file compressed Add-Type -Assembly Name 'System.

Characters # Solution 1 Get-ADDomain Controller -Filter * | For Each-Object -Process # Solution 2 Get-ADGroup Member 'Domain Controllers' | For Each-Object -Process # Solution 3 Get-ADComputer -LDAPFilter '(&(object Category=computer)(user Account Control:1.2.840.113556.1.4.803:=8192))' | For Each-Object -Process # Solution 4 [System.

Set-Execution Policy -Execution Policy Remote Signed # Unrestricted - No restrictions - All Windows Power Shell scripts can be run.