Always focused on the songwriting and the element of performance, Emily is planning to tour with limited engagements in unique and intimate venues, driven by her singular, inspiring and artistic vision for how she wishes to present her work to her audience.

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Yes, it took some time, but Emily Haines’s follow-up to 2006’s exquisite Knives Don’t Have Your Back (which made our 50 Best Toronto albums list) and its companion EP, 2007’s What Is Free To A Good Home, feels like the hard-earned result of a decade spent processing experiences, exploring self and setting her findings to some highly listenable tuneage.

Plus she’s been busy churning out a steady stream of albums with her high-energy dance-rock-fuelled primary project, Metric.

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“Most of the songs on the album came to me out of some recent major changes in my life, and others were composed when my life felt more stable,” says Emily.

“Of them all, is the song that has lived with me the longest, through many incarnations.(Bandmate Jimmy Shaw co-produced this solo Soft Skeleton album with Haines.) The differences between those projects are obvious.Solo, Haines is softer, more reflective, tenderly meditative, personal rather than political.A distinct contrast from Metric’s bold, danceable sound, Knives is an intimate and subtle collection of mellow, piano-driven tunes complimented by soft string and horn arrangements.Toronto based Metric has climbed the ladder the good old-fashioned way.Although we live life in a linear way, Emily Haines is a woman who sees the importance of the cyclical nature of time.