A: Call a probation office, children's services or the court system and see if they have a qualified list of providers.

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En attendant, on peut toujours combler le manque d'informations en rappelant que la mise à jour 1.30 parue le mois dernier permet de relancer une nouvelle partie en conservant tout son inventaire, et peut-être d'essayer le nouveau mode ultra difficile pour les plus téméraires.

"I've been recording so much—I didn't want to break up that body of work, I feel like I had the producers doing things that they weren't usually known for, a little out of their wheelhouse," the rapper told Noisey of the decision to unleash earlier this year. Big had all these intricacies, all these colors, all these witty things – and it didn't sound like a rap.

Do not wait around and think that the fantasies are okay because they are not. Most people who commit sexual offenses fantasize before they commit the offense.

Q: How does a person go about finding a therapist who treats child sex offenders?

Q: If someone is fantasizing about children in a sexual way, what should he or she do to get help?

A: Call a therapist who specializes in sex offender treatment and get help!

A: That they look like creepy guys in long, black trench coats that drive a van with covered windows.

People are often shocked about who they are, as they think they can't be nice guys or people who they've previously found as nice, good people.

I can give them real examples of set up processes, grooming, the time put into planning, etc.

When they understand how they were set up and how much time and effort was put into the planning of their offense, they are better able to let go of the shame and blame that victims often feel.

By recognizing the distorted thoughts and justifications they used, they can work on changing their behaviors.