In fact, I have yet to see a high school math textbook that uses $ \displaystyle arcsin$, well, at least the textbooks that are used in Canada.

I think it's just easier to introduce to new students, and it's also the notation used on calculators.

In handwriting I usually abbreviate it to "asin", which I first started using when learning programming.

It is how it is named in many programming languages.

I don't know why..just seems more "correct" for some reason.

-Dan I just realized most highschool math textbooks use $\sin^$.

De vanligaste arcusfunktionerna används i följande situationer: Eftersom beräkningar med de trigonometriska arcusfunktionerna ger vinklar som resultat är det bra att kontrollera om räknaren är inställd på radianer eller grader.

För att beräkna en vinkel med arctan trycker man på knappen TAN Med arcusfunktioner kan man beräkna vinklar i rätvinkliga trianglar om man vet förhållandet mellan två sidor.

We did Intro Calc I in the Spring so that was easy too. I don't know why..just seems more "correct" for some reason.

-Dan When helping people, I'll use whatever it is that they are using.

My senior year in HS was fun..Summer before my parents got me a math text for my birthday which, unknown to them, covered the first half year of my senior year Pre-Calc class.