The scientific classification, basic physical character, ecological value and the fun facts are covered for all the species.

The beauty, courage and tenderness of animals teach us something new in our day today life.

Mammals are endothermic and are warm blooded animals.

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Ecologists learn about the human life in the fragile web of life by studying about the animals that share our world.

By studying about the animal habitat, anatomy and relatives psychologists and anthropologists learn about human development.

It is so interesting to watch and observe the birds and to note their varying characteristics...

Fishes are oldest aquatic vertebrates found all over the globe.

Here in this site we maintain a record of the latest discoveries of the animal species with a neat description and a detailed picture of the species.

The newly discovered animals are added to our site as and then they are uncovered to the outside world In short: A new species of lizard has been discovered in the tropical evergreen forest in central highlands province of kon tum.This site becomes a must for those who are interested in the wild life.Each page in the animals worlds is specially designed to help you to find more information easily and quickly about the interesting creatures.Variety of books, videos, posters and other educational materials suggested by the experts are given for the educational store.Animals worlds act as an information bank that can be used by students and teachers to learn about animals and their habitat in the world.Animals in the world are motile, meaning they are capable of independent locomotion.