Self-Help Center staff is available Monday-Friday to provide procedural assistance and answer your questions at the court locations below.

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Children’s Chambers is a safe drop-in center for children that lets children be children instead of spending long sessions listening to adult interactions that could be painful or frightening.

You can read more about which courts offer a Children’s Chambers and the guidelines.

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Certified and registered interpreters may also translate documents, however, the California Courts does not test or certify an interpreter's written translation skills. Using a court interpreter can be awkward because you have to go through another person to get your information or talk to the judge.

Follow these tips when using an interpreter in a courtroom: Do not interrupt, even if someone in court says something bad about you. Note: There are also American Sign Language interpreters and real time captioning for parties and witnesses that are deaf or hard-of-hearing (or have another disability).

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Lamoreaux Justice Center 341 The City Drive Orange, CA 657-622-5720 or 657-622-5756 -Family Law Division: 7th Floor -Self-Help Center: 1st Floor, Room 101 -Domestic Violence Assistance: Center 7th Floor, Room C-611Fountain Valley, Garden Grove, Huntington Beach, Orange, Santa Ana, Seal Beach, Tustin, Villa Park, and Westminster All cities and unincorporated areas in Orange County for Probate, Elder/Dependent Abuse and Gun Violence Restraining Orders.